Overseas Graduates Association (OGA)

Overseas Graduates Association was founded in December 1997. It has been established to promote: - Friendship and welfare among members - Professional and self-development through exchange of thoughts, ideas and experience - Awareness of and contribution to society, and - Liaison with local and overseas institutions of higher education OGA organizes frequently a great variety of social and cultural activities for members and friends. Native of these programs vary from study camps, seminars, workshops or discussions on current social issues, etc. to recreational activities such as hiking, launches, luncheon, sports and other social gatherings. To keep members, friends and related groups well informed of latest news and activities, OGA established whatsapp group chat platform and Facebook Fan Page. Memberships OGA offers seven types of memberships, as follows: Ordinary members – graduates of overseas or Hong Kong universities Overseas members – those who are studying or have graduated and are residing abroad Family members – married couples with at least one of them qualified to become and ordinary member Life members – upon the approval of the Executive Committee, any member who has been with the Association for a considerable time Life family members – same as Life member for family members Associate members – for friends or anyone who is interested in OGA’s affairs Honorary members – benefactors of the Association and member who contributed outstanding services to the Association